​Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive holistic therapy where gentle pressure is applied to areas of the feet (or hands), with the aim of bringing about deep relaxation, stimulating the body’s own healing processes and helping it to return to a state of balance and wellbeing.  This therapy is now being integrated into traditional health care, with 80% of palliative care units employing a reflexologist.

Reflexes relate to organs and systems within the body.  Stimulating reflex areas promotes deep relaxation and reduces the effects of stress on organs, systems within the body and the individual as a whole. It also enables the body to restore its own healthy balance and allows it to heal.  


  • Reducing stress

  • Release of tension

  • Increased wellbeing

  • Restoring the body's natural balance

  • Revitalisation and increased energy

  • Stimulation of the immune system

  • Encouraging the body to heal itself

  • Improved circulation

  • Improved sleep

  • Detoxification

  • Balancing of systems within the body

  • Pain relief


  • Stress, anxiety and depression and mood swings

  • Fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery

  • Migraines

  • Sleep disorders

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Arthritis

  • Digestive problems and IBS

  • Sports injuries, back and muscular pain

  • RLS

  • Insomnia

  • PMS and menopause symptoms

  • Skin conditions and allergies


All treatments are tailored to your specific needs and the list below is a guide to those that I can perform. If you have a combination of conditions or if you wish to discuss anything further please CLICK HERE to get in touch.



Facial Reflexololgy has all the benefits and principles of traditional Foot Reflexology - it is deeply relaxing with immediate effect due to the close proximity to the brain and nervous system. It also stimilates collagen and elastin, giving the effect of tighter, plumper more radiant skin.

WORKS FOR - facial rejunvination, stress and migraine relief, aid to relaxation



A powerful form of treatment that is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet.  I work with the vertebrae reflex link to help identify any nerve roots which are out of balance and which can then have a positive effect on internal organs and back issues.  This is a non-invasive techquique working directly with the spine through your feet.

WORKS FOR - general back pain, stress relief and aids relaxation.



Thinking about getting pregant or wanting to optimise your chances of getting pregnant? This treatment that can benefit both men and women by working with the endocrine system (hormones) to ensure the body is at its best and ready for the forthcoming months.

WORKS FOR - complementary to IVF and for sufferers of PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count and other infertility concerns.



A treatment tailored according to each stage of your pregnancy to optimise your physical and emotional health and help prepare your body for a safe and comfortable birth.  It can also alleviate symptoms such as sickness and insomnia and can be used for priming labour. NB:  this treatment is advisable only after the first trimester. 

WHAT FOR - nausea, swollen limbs, insomnia, pelvic pain and aids relaxation and labour induction.



Reflexology can help you recover after birth - its relaxation benefits and effects on the hormonal system can encourage breast milk production and hormone rebalance. It also boosts the immune system and overall leaves you feeling rejuventated. 

WORKS FORimmune system boost, relaxation, lactation, insomnia and mood leveller.



An award-winning technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the foot to cause an effect on the lmyphatic system in the body.  It plays a key role in boosting the immune system. 

WORKS FOR - lymphoedema,  fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, reduces inflammation, aches and pains. A complementary treatment  during and post chemotherapy.



A very gentle, soothing treatment. This therapy can help support relaxation and comfort during cancer treatment.  My years of volunteering with palliative care patients at Pauls Cancer Support has given me a greater understanding of how valuable this can be. 

WORKS FORsymptoms of stress, fatigue, nausea and forms of neuralgia.



Although menopausal symptoms may continue for a prolonged period, by regulating hormone and glandular functions and calming the nervous system, reflexology helps to reduce the impact of stress and improve sleep patterns. As anxiety lessens so there is also a reduction in the number or intensity of hot flushes.  

WORKS FOR - hot flushes, insomnia, depression and anxiety.



Todays teens are bombarded with hormone related issues which can have a significant impact on their mood, energy levels, digestion and physical and mental health.  By working on the endocrine system reflexes, I can help to re-balance the body's hormone levels. Due to its relaxation benefits, this treatment can also be supportive during stressful exam periods. 

WORKS FOR - acne, PMS, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, depression, aids relaxation.

0-12 YEARS


As a gentle non-invasive therapy, reflexology is particularly helpful for young children when they suffer minor ailments.  A very light touch can soothe a colicky baby or help calm a distressed child. Treatments are normally 30 mins.

WORKS FOR - anxiety, autism, ADHD, bed wetting, insomnia, aids relaxation.



Just looking for relaxation or an overall body boost to help prevent a bout of flu?  Reflexology will maintain the balance and harmony in the body  and increase your engery levels. 

WORKS FORrelaxation, immune boost, stress relief, muscle tension, headaches, jet lag, insomnia.



Reflexology can put your body in a state of complete relaxation by reducing the effects of stress and encouraging the release of endorphins.  In this state muscular tension is released, nerve funtion and circulation  improve and the "flight or flight" stress response is calmed. 

WORKS FOR - anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, RLS, digestive disorders (eg IBS), depression, headaches, psoriosis, aids relaxation, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation and provides an immune boost.



This treatment strengthens the body's natural defence system by improving the blood and lymph circulation and release of toxins from the body. 

WORKS FOR - chest infections, sinusitis, inflammation, relaxation. 

Prices: Initial consultation 90 mins:£85   Follow up treatments: 30 mins:£45 and 60 mins:£70